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Introduction of College Board NEW SAT® Test Prep Resources via Khan Academy® UTIP Session for New UCS Teachers - 11/11/15

Introduction of College Board NEW SAT® Test Prep Resources via Khan Academy® Stevenson School Improvement Team Session for Students - 11/10/15

Black History Technology Integration Experience
Browning Elementary School 
Mrs. Thompson's 2nd Grade class - 2/27/15


  • Who is Mrs. Waddell?
  • Little Known Black History Fact: Dr. Mark Dean -Inventor, Computer Scientist & Engineer 
    • the color PC monitor
    • the Industry Standard Architecture system bus
    • the first gigahertz chip
  • Thank you, Ruby Bridges!
    • Norman Rockwell, The Problem We All Live With
  • Featured Tech Tool: PicCollage & FlipSnack
  • PicCollage Compare & Contrast Activity 
    • Equality (equal) vs Equity (fairness) in 1960 vs 2015


Who can we thank for color computer monitors, super fast computing, and the plug-in ability to add disk drives, video gear, speakers, scanners, and printers to the PC? 
Mark E. Dean and co-inventor Dennis L. Moeller 

The Problem We All Live With by Norman Rockwell

THINKING ABOUT what you know about Ruby Bridges (1960), Dr. Mark Dean, & any other THING YOU LEARNED TODAY- 2015. 
Which set of kids shown here do YOU identify with most? What situations in your life puts you in this position? 

Create a PicCollage to express your answer! Write a sentence. Use stickers, text, gifs, and images to express your position.

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